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Aesthetic clinics: Grow revenue or cut costs in 2023?


When it comes to the big question of"Grow revenue or cut costs in 2023" theres a lot to consider.

In terms of Aesthetic practices, this is a questions that can come up a lot. Do we hire a team for marketing to grow revenue that we need or do we cut costs and go without? Do we put the money out to buy a new device to offer our clients more treatments or do we cut costs and wait? Do we put the money out to renovate our space or do we wait another year or two?

When it comes to these big decisions its always best to weigh out the pros and cons while staying in the right mindset, a growth mindset.

We have to consider staying in business and not driving ourselves to bankruptcy while also leaving room to actually scale your business to new levels. This comes down to numbers and a bit of risk. Do the math and see how much wiggle room you have to take a risk and open up the door to growth.

There is never an opportunity to grow without any risk, so we need to get a bit uncomfortable and be open to that. When we do this, we shift our mindset and our energy and our outcomes. If we never go for the big dreams that drive us, we simply wont have them. so, its up to you, your life and your future.

What do you want? To play it safe and comfortable or to put in the risk of the unknown to reach your goals?

You got this.

Kayla Petrasek

Founder, Allora Agency

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