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Interview with Nathan Holz from Aerolase - Emerging Medical Aesthetic Equipment in Canada

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- Introduction -

In the rapidly evolving field of medical aesthetics, groundbreaking technologies are constantly emerging to meet the diverse needs of patients. One such innovative company is Aerolase, a medical device company revolutionizing the industry with their cutting-edge laser technology. In a recent podcast hosted by Nathan Holtz, the guest speaker Nathan from Aerolase provided valuable insights into the company's mission, achievements, and the future of the aesthetics industry.

- The Journey to Aerolase -

Before joining Aerolase, Nathan Holtz had an intriguing professional background that laid the foundation for his success in the medical device industry. Born and raised in Vancouver, Nathan earned a business degree in marketing with a minor in economics from UBC. He started working at a restaurant at the age of 16 and continued for an impressive 11 years. This experience provided him with invaluable sales training and shaped his approach to building relationships with clients. Nathan highly recommends working in a restaurant for anyone interested in pursuing a career in sales.

After his restaurant stint, Nathan joined Xerox, a renowned company known for manufacturing photocopiers and office equipment. He successfully sold photocopiers to downtown offices, showcasing his ability to navigate challenging sales environments. However, the onset of the pandemic presented a unique hurdle as convincing people to invest in expensive printers became increasingly difficult when most businesses were operating remotely. Despite the challenges, Nathan cherished his time at Xerox, appreciating the strong camaraderie and practical sales training he received.

- The Path to Medical Aesthetics -

Interestingly, many male representatives in the medical device industry, including Nathan, transitioned from photocopier sales, particularly from Xerox. The training received at Xerox is highly regarded by recruiters, leading to job opportunities in the medical aesthetics field. Nathan's journey into the aesthetics industry began when his wife developed an interest in skincare and botox. He won an award at Xerox, which attracted recruiters who presented him with several enticing options. One of these opportunities was with BTL, a prestigious company in the aesthetics industry known for their cutting-edge devices such as Msculpt, Msculpt Neo, and Mface, which focus on body contouring and toning.

At BTL, Nathan gained extensive knowledge and experience in the aesthetics field over 18 months. The exposure to the industry allowed him to witness firsthand the transformative effects of various treatments. Subsequently, Nathan joined OOH, a newer company steadily gaining recognition in Canada by expanding into prominent clinics. This set the stage for Nathan's journey to Airelase, bringing us to the present.

- Aerolase: The Future of Medical Laser Technology -

Aerolase is an American company that recently established a presence in Canada, focusing on New York and the rapidly growing Canadian market. With their innovative laser technology, Airelase aims to be the most inclusive medical-grade technology, addressing the limitations of traditional lasers. Unlike traditional lasers, which can be painful, require numbing agents or anesthesia, and have limited safety and effectiveness for darker skin tones, Aerolase's laser is air-cooled, solid-state, and devoid of moving parts, making it pain-free and safe and effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Moreover, Aerolase laser treatments are quick, lasting only 15-20 minutes, with no operating costs or need for consumables. The devices themselves are compact and easily transportable, making them ideal for clinics with multiple rooms or for individual practitioners.

One of the key advantages of Aerolase devices is their versatility. The Aerolase Elite and Aerolase Neo devices offer an impressive 36 different indications in a single device. The Neo Elite is a non-ablative device, while the Aria Elite is a full-field ablative device. The Neo Elite can effectively treat a wide range of skin concerns, including acne, acne scarring, melasma, vascularity problems, and collagen remodeling. Furthermore, the Neo Elite does not require pulse counter replacement, reducing costs for practitioners compared to devices that necessitate expensive consumables.

Additionally, the Aria Elite can perform full-field ablation without the need for numbing agents, resulting in a virtually pain-free experience for patients. The efficiency and speed of Airelase devices enable practitioners to see more clients in a day or week, increasing profitability and convenience for both practitioners and patients.

- The Impact of Aerolase Technology -

The introduction of Aerolase technology to Western Canada has been a game-changer in the aesthetics industry. While skepticism initially surrounded the innovative technology, the positive feedback received from practitioners and patients who trusted the technology has been immensely rewarding. Many have claimed that Airelase has been the most profitable device they have ever owned, making a significant impact on their practice. Being a small part of people's successes is what drives Nathan and the Aerolase team to excel in their roles.

One notable aspect of Aerolase technology is its applicability across all age groups, even infants. Airelase devices have proven highly effective in treating acne, a longstanding and common skin concern. While acne cannot be cured, Airelase devices target multiple factors of acne, such as bacteria, sebaceous glands, vascular components, and clogged pores. The devices also address acne pigmentation, scarring, and provide deep dermal collagen remodeling. A typical acne treatment using Airelase devices lasts 10-12 weeks and significantly improves the appearance of acne, resulting in happier, more confident individuals.

The Neo Elite device stands out by treating over 36 different skin concerns in a single visit. It efficiently addresses active acne, acne scars, melasma, vascularity problems, and collagen remodeling. Patients experience minimal downtime, with only mild redness or erythema that disappears quickly. The recommended number of sessions varies depending on the concern being treated, typically ranging from four to six sessions for acne and one to three sessions for concerns like angiomas, spider veins, skin tags, and nail fungus.

- The Future of Aesthetics with Aerolase -

As the aesthetics industry continues to evolve, the future is expected to lean toward more natural and subtle results. Patients seek minimally invasive treatments that offer little to no downtime. Aerolase is dedicated to staying ahead of future trends by continuously improving and expanding their laser technology offerings. Although specifics regarding future goals or exciting news were not disclosed, Airelase is committed to remaining at the forefront of the aesthetics industry.

In line with evolving patient preferences, there is a growing demand for personalized treatment options and increased patient education. Patients are becoming more knowledgeable about the different aesthetic treatments available and are actively participating in their own research. This trend pushes clinics and practitioners to step up their game and stand out from the competition. Technology and results play a crucial role in meeting these demands while social media remains a vital marketing resource for clinics to reach and engage with clients.

Furthermore, the industry should strive to make aesthetic treatments accessible to everyone, transcending exclusivity. Aerolase holds this vision at its core, aiming to provide opportunities for individuals to not just look, but also feel good. With rapid growth and continuous innovation, Aerolase is well-positioned to shape the future of aesthetics.

- Conclusion -

In conclusion, the recent podcast conversation between Nathan Holtz and Nathan from Aerolase shed light on the

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